Profit & Loss statements are the last thing on the mind of many real estate business owners.
Join Lee Wooward as he interviews Chris Mercer from Live Business Services formally of the Ray White Group.
Chris has benchmarked thousands of real estate businesses over the years.
The numbers and the way Chris looks at real estate businesses is vital information for your business.

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This is the first disc in a 12 disc series which will be released on a monthly basis from July 2011. You can subscribe to the series for Aud $395 at

The program is hosted by Lee Woodward, Chris Rolls & Stephen Jackson.

Disc 1 features an interview with Ben White from the Ray White Group.

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Here is track 1 of 15 featuring Mat Steinwede and Jason Boon. This is just 7 minutes of over an hour of real estate audio training on this CD alone. Sales Mastery can be purchased at for $395AUD. Sales Mastery is 12 CD's of over 720 hours of real estate audio training. Sales Mastery is released on a monthly basis so when you purchase you will receive 6 discs plus one per month for the balance of 2011.

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Lee Woodward interviews Brian White Chairman Ray White who shares the Ray White story.

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The Program features

  • Lee Woodward & Kevin Bunting  
  • John McGrath
  • Jason Boon
  • Phill Harris
  • Peter Clements
  • Steve Devine.
  • James Tostivan
  • Grant Kenny
  • Merlyn Bond
  • Mark Earl
  • Danny Grant
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