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Lee Woodward & Phil Harris take you on a direct journey to success with a simple yet driven business plan. 

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Lee Woodward intervies Simon T. Bailey who is a compelling Business Thought Leader in this New Normal Era who teaches audiences how to creatively release leadership and organizational brilliance. His expertise is based on his work with over 1,000 organizations through the Brilliance Institute and as a former leader of the world renowned Disney Institute.

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Profit & Loss statements are the last thing on the mind of many real estate business owners.
Join Lee Wooward as he interviews Chris Mercer from Live Business Services formally of the Ray White Group.
Chris has benchmarked thousands of real estate businesses over the years.
The numbers and the way Chris looks at real estate businesses is vital information for your business.

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This is the first disc in a 12 disc series which will be released on a monthly basis from July 2011. You can subscribe to the series for Aud $395 at

The program is hosted by Lee Woodward, Chris Rolls & Stephen Jackson.

Disc 1 features an interview with Ben White from the Ray White Group.

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Here is track 1 of 15 featuring Mat Steinwede and Jason Boon. This is just 7 minutes of over an hour of real estate audio training on this CD alone. Sales Mastery can be purchased at for $395AUD. Sales Mastery is 12 CD's of over 720 hours of real estate audio training. Sales Mastery is released on a monthly basis so when you purchase you will receive 6 discs plus one per month for the balance of 2011.

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Lee Woodward interviews Brian White Chairman Ray White who shares the Ray White story.

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The Program features

  • Lee Woodward & Kevin Bunting  
  • John McGrath
  • Jason Boon
  • Phill Harris
  • Peter Clements
  • Steve Devine.
  • James Tostivan
  • Grant Kenny
  • Merlyn Bond
  • Mark Earl
  • Danny Grant
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The New Australian Dream

The New Australian Dream is an opportunity to purchase property using a Self Managed Super Fund. On this audio Lee Woodward CEO of Real Estate Academy, has tested the strategy and interviews the Westpac Banking Corporation and a Financial Planner to give you a clear, concise plan in 10 simple steps to achieve the new Australian Dream.

Enjoy this audio and learn the new investment strategy taking the nation by storm.

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Your Greatest Move Moving in to a lifestyle village can sound a little overwhelming at first, with many people wondering whether the timing is right for them or how to get the process started.  If you’re nodding your head in agreement, then this audio program is perfect for you!

Including interviews with industry specialists and retirees who have made the move already, you’ll walk away with all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision.

To start planning your greatest move, simply call 1300 999 222 and we’ll send you a free information CD.

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Lee Woodward’s first published book WHAT TO SAY, WHAT TO SEND

Consistent, professional communication will give anyone a professional edge – no matter what the industry. In the world of real estate sales, nothing is more important than the way in which you communicate with your marketplace. After all, the purchasing and selling of property is one of the most important and potentially emotion-charged periods in a person’s life. Do it well, and you will connect with your clients like never before, attracting more referrals and repeat business than you ever thought possible.

This book is the capturing of years of research and feedback from industry professionals and those on the other side of the fence – the vendors and the buyers. Based on our research it is clear that nothing will alienate a buyer or a seller more than lack of communication, with poor communication running a close second to this.

Never has there been a more necessary time than now to get it right! This book delivers a solid system of communication for every step of the sales process.

    Consistent professional communication for a professional edge
    Brilliant communication tools
    Scripts & Dialogues to connect with your marketplace
    Complete communication process - what to say and what to send for the entire sales journey
    Strategies that lead to business succe
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Real Estate Academy is proud to announce The Complete Membership Program
Professional training and development has never been easier.
Allowing you or as many team members as required
to subscribe to REA’s all-in-one membership system.  

Each membership is fully transferrable, we understand people have different needs for their training which is why we offer
Three membership options  that allows you to grow at your own pace.

All membership options include Unlimited access to The Complete Salesperson Course
The latest Real Estate Hot topics audio coaching program and monthly video coaching tips

All starting from as little as $29.00 a week

From there you can progress to including our real estate software Complete Data and expand your knowledge with the super coaching workshop series
And live listing DVD presentations.

Are ready to more forward with your professional development?

Then take the next step by calling the Real Estate Academy on  1300 367 412
To confirm your preferred membership option
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